proposal for layout for collective pages

Obviously the “Cambridge archive” should be “Bristol archive”. On Bristol didn’t seem to have any archive.


Looks good! Good start!
Though it is a teeny bit un-egg-sigh-ting though.
(Or is the point to keep it simple, streamlined, and picture-less?)


We could consider having thumbnails on the articles that have pics? Other than that, I think clarity is the most important thing to aim for. All I’ve done here was rearrange the stuff that was already there, rather than try and do a whole design. Also I think ppl wanted the banner from the mir site with the words “Indymedia United Collectives” rather than “Indymedia UK”

Any thoughts on how to make it more egg-sigh-ting?


nice work. it’s clear and readable. i definitely think thumbnails would be an improvement though and we really need a decent banner. at the moment the page is dull.

btw – i assume the cambridge archives box is a mistake?


I think that’s a good point – keep it clear. Thumbnails would be cool. Nice arrangement.


Nice. Looks great! I’m really struggling with time at the moment as I keep chomping away and not fully chewing, but I’d really like to see a big push to get the site usable and ready to deploy made at the BradLab and network meetings, ie iron out the tech issues and make a plan in November, then look at the social issues in December. Ekes will be up north too so hopefully we can kidnap him to help with any bugs :)


hmm… seems the Bristol feed for the all.indymedia site doesn’t work, and hasn’t done since July. We’re also going to try to redesign bits of how our site works so you can pull a promoted feed rather than just features.

This does look a tad bland at the moment… Banner/footer will improve things… Maybe ditch the map (I’m guessing most people know where a region is) and have a 3×3 image thumbnail gallery?


Footer is already there, I just skipped it when working on this. At the network meeting we agreed to have the current UK banner, but instead of “Indymedia UK” reading “Indymedia United Kollektives”. Anyone know what the font is? Magda? I think once this is made, the style elves will change it.

Personally, I like the maps. It may be me, but I often have a rather vague idea where places are and having the map lightens up the layout too, makes it less dense in text.

It would be nice to include links to Mission Statements and Editorial Policies though. And I agree about the thumbnails on the wires. That would be pretty nice.


Also on the latest news feed do you need the bit that says where the feed is from – this makes sense on the frontpage, but not here. Along with the date it means that a lot of the space in that column is taken up by fairly redundant information.

I’d be quite happy for that feed to just have the headline and one line summary underneath it (ie no thumbnail), but then I’d really want a thumbnail gallery where the map currently sits. The all.indy site currently has a map with all the collectives on it on the main collectives page (where I think it works) I really dont think this needs to also appear on each individual collective’s page.

I dont think there’s the need for mission statements and editorial policies on this page, it would just clutter things up with lots of additional information. You could maybe have links to editorial guidelines and a contact page with the home and about links if you want