Calendário web para ativistas

Activist web calendars

Activist web calendars

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About us

A network of calendars

Demosphere is a network of activist calendars. Each calendar publishes demonstrations, debates, actions and other events in its region.

Activist calendars

Calendars publish political, cultural and festive events. Each calendar covers a large range of topics and political sensibilities of the alternative left and the radical movement.

Independent collectives

Calendars are managed by completely independent collectives. Collectives organize as they want and have their own editorial policy.

A technical platform

Demosphere runs on our servers using software we develop. The software features both a public interface and a large back-end. The back-end provides many tools for finding, publishing and managing events.

Create your calendar !
Join the network. No technical skills are required to create and manage an calendar. We will help you set everything up.