Nottingham homelessness charity involved in Workfare

Author: Nottingham Indymedia
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The Nottingham homelessness charity, Framework, has admitted that it is involved in the Work Programme. This is one of the schemes known collectively as workfare, where unemployed people are forced to do unpaid work or face losing their benefits. Under pressure from anti-workfare activists, Framework announced that “we are one of the organisations who participate in delivering the work programme”. Campaigners from Nottingham Against Workfare delivered a letter to Chief Executive Andrew Redfern, encouraging him to withdraw from the work programme. Local activists also called on supporters to campaign on the organisation’s social media pages.

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Framework claims that it “changes and saves lives by preventing homelessness, stopping rough sleeping and providing new opportunities.” However, some of those participating in the social media action highlighted the links between workfare and homelessness, pointing out that Shelter have refused to be involved in the Work Programme for that very reason.

Mikhail Goldman, commenting on Framework’s Facebook page, said “Framework should be supporting people in need, not disciplining and exploiting them.” Martin P Foster commented “Workfare does not help people back into work, as you know, of the 100,000 people put through Workfare, 96,300 will NOT gain paid employment from it, you are exploiting the unemployed for free labour and your own greed.” Bennet Kingston noted “Paid work gives people a sense of self respect and worth, however being forced to do unpaid work has exactly the opposite effect on most people making them feel worthless.”