sueños de libertad, sueños de tu esencia

Time, timeeeeee, day by day flashes of us together, day by day imagining your smell, feeling in my hands your skin, your hair laying on my brust…

I know it, I need to fight, i will must to try my best to deserve you in my life. But as with all the big waves in my life, me and my dreams, my sailing ship, we will reach the peak, one after one until the storm evolves to the peace, the peace of my life. I desire the moment, the one that we are dreaming with, no more this, no more this surrounding society, just you and me, freedom, mind and love freedom.

I know it, i feel inside, i see the course to fulfill my dream, as in the past the ancient sailors feel the mistery when from the shore directed their sights to the infinite darkness of the sea inside i feel the will to discover, to discover what is next, and to create it as my dream requires, at least to help triming the sails to sail against the non favourable winds.

But i am almost there, i can smell the land, i can smell the grass and the fruits of the paradise, my paradise smeel to your esence.

dreaming with the last human beings

dreams for human freedom