Crabgrass Release Notes: April 4th, 2008

We have upgraded crabgrass. Here are notes on what is new.

Hi Crabgrass Users.

We want to let you know about updates, changes, and bug fixes as we continue to develop Crabgrass. We just deployed our latest version. In it you’ll find:

  • Faster and more secure Ruby-on-Rails 2.0
  • Page Summaries now appear, and can be edited
  • Cyrillic and Arabic characters are now supported

This upgrade does not affect many things that you can see, but it is an important step forward for staying up-to-date with the free software that Crabgrass is built upon, Ruby-on-Rails. Look forward to many fun things we have planned for the near future.

If you interested in the blow by blow development time line check out

riseuplabs collective


Hey, everything is moving MUCH faster…great work!