Crabgrass Release Notes: April 11th, 2008

notes on updates, changes, and bug fixes in this release.

Hi Crabgrass Users.

We want to let you know about updates, changes, and bug fixes as we continue to develop Crabgrass. We just deployed our latest version. In it you’ll find:

  • A funny bug where images in wikis overrun their margin is fixed
  • my_tasks is now working more
  • RSS feeds on me/inbox and groupname should show be discovered automatically by your browser
  • A bare-bones system for alerting you, the user, when we have system-wide announcements

If you interested in the blow by blow development time line check out

riseuplabs collective


thanks abie! for this announcement.


abie rocks!


This is not a direct response to the announcement, just a brief expression of appreciation in general.
Over the past few weeks a group from Linz, Austria, has been working on a statement that we just launched an hour ago. Crabgrass has worked extremely well for us, so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has put so much work into it.


I second that general expression of thanks. The IMC-Alternatives used crabgrass during our last IRC meeting, and it was overwhelmingly approved of; our group has grown to over ten active users. We will be integrating crabgrass into the IMC-Alternatives Project website, which will be a flagship for new and innovative alternatives to the current Indymedia model. Thanks, again!


thanks for the good words! i’d be particularly interested in hearing about what active users would like see more of in terms of feature (not bug squashing) as well as what you are using the most currently.


We will be having another IRC meeting (have not talked everyone into the crabgrass chat feature yet) and we will have more feedback to offer. Last time was the first time we used Crabgrass while meeting, so some of the meeting was spent orienting new members.



Can anyone help me to work with crabgrass application. I don’t even know how to work with Crabgrass and where should I start from in order to work with it. I also don’t know how to install Crabgrass in Windows computer to develop social network web application. But I know Ruby on Rails. Please help me on this regards