Crabgrass Release Notes: August 8th, 2008

notes on updates, changes, and bug fixes in this release.

Hi Crabgrass Users.

We want to let you know about updates, changes, and bug fixes as we continue to develop Crabgrass. We just deployed our latest version. In it you’ll find:

  • New Left Sidebar
  • New Page Sidebar with crazy new popups
  • Support for IE6/7
  • Full text searching
  • Beginnings of internationalization.
  • Navbar drop down menus temporarily disabled.
  • New bug tracking and feature request system (let’s move to bugs and feature requests instead of putting everything in one huge wiki!)

If you interested in the blow by blow development time line, check out

As always your comments, questions, and suggestions help drive development. Jump in and comment below!

riseuplabs collective


full text searching is fun fun fun.


viva la internationalisation! now… where to start translating cg? most probably polish anarchist federation (Federacja Anarchistyczna) will start using crabgrass soon as it’s internal web organisation platform so having it in polish would be cool


This version might also have email notifications of some sort enabled. Does it?


harcesz: great! it will be another week before we will be ready to start translating. we will let you know.

abie: hehe, it should be working but i forgot to configure email.yml.


having email notifications working is extra incentive to work on a security info page for crabgrass users – linked from login page and from footer.


elijah: \@/


Let me know too when it will be possible to translate. Having it in french will be cool too !


When can we start translating? We are a couple of ppl from denmark who are ready to translate!


i’d like to translate crabgrass in italian. please notify me when you’re ready!


OK! it is going to be a long slog through all the code to make it possible to localize every string, but I think we are ready for people to test creating translations:

Login and go to that url. You will be presented with the UI to translate. There are only a couple dozen strings currently, but at this point we just need to test the process to see that it works.

All the people in this discussion who have said they want to translate have access to /gibberize. If you want access to, post a note here.


Danish translation is now at 100%, but I suspect that the translation interface doesn’t have everything ready to be translated yet?


Yes, this first round is a test to make sure the system works. In the following weeks, we will add more and more strings that can be translated.


Awesome! Crabgrass is getting more and more useful, and not to say extremely beautiful, both in looks and design :)


I would like to have a go at Arabic. If Arabic is happy, then probably all other languages too.


right to left languages are going to be a little more tricky. I will add you as a translator and we can see how it goes, but I suspect a lot of the stylesheets will have to be adjusted to make right-to-left look ok.


You are right. All style sheets will need to be mirrored eventually to have good right-to-left (or bi-directional) sites. I will still find out if you are using gettext for localization or some other means. I wonder if Plural Forms will be supported.


gharbeia: i have added you to the list of translators. again, this is just a first round of testing to try out the work flow and work out the bugs.


French translation is at 100% too now. Do you have planned the “rake cg:l10n:extract_translations RAILS_ENV=production” and the application restart ?
Please notify when done so i could check the result.

Crabgrass is becoming more and more wonderful :)


I was hoping a few more would be done, but we might as well test with what we have.

I am going to start a committee for working on translations.


pl also done at 100%, that’s 5 translations ready and one half way throe…


no, this is just a first round of testing to try and work out things, more strings will be added


Just translated strings in Utalian. Is it possible to be notified via e-mail when new strings to translate are available?


psylocibe: if you are in the crabgrass-dev+translation group and enter your email in your user settings, then it will be easy to email you w there are more strings to translate. i’ll invite you to that committee.