crabgrass hack night

an invitation to a night of hacking, which will be manifesting itself physically in san francisco, at least


location for first (of many?) get-togethers:

sf nonprofit technology center 1370 mission st, floor 4 san francisco, ca, 94110

and #crabgrass on

date: august 8 (and then alternating wednesdays after that?)

time: starting whenever people can get there after their daytime commitments, until everyone is ready to call it quits. let’s shoot for some sort of organized agenda setting confab around 6?

what to work on?


gweeds (interested in working on porting bucky, social file system interface, to crabgrass)
daniel (on irc and conference call)
pietro (on irc)
suzi (sitting in the corner mischievously taking it all in)
jessi (on irc, but probably not aug 8)
abie? (on irc?)


is there a number to call into?


anyone have a reference for bucky?


it is not downloadable, it is something that gweeds (marc) demo’ed. basically, it was a bulletin board where every post could have an asset attachment. when you viewed a thread, you saw also a photo gallery at the same time (or just a list of assets if not thumbnailable). nice features to be able to suck stuff from ftp, multiple uploads, download everything in a zip file.

with a few UI tweeks, i think crabgrass could duplicate a lot of the functionality.