Sites using crabgrass

list of known sites which currently use crabgrass

I couldn’t find list of sites using crabgrass so I decided to start this page. Please add sites you know or if such list already exist pleas point me there and I will remove this page.


the CG team does manage a list of sites, but only those hosted by riseup. would be great to have list of the other ones…. will chat with folks about compiling a list and perhaps getting this up somewhere on



I moved the ‘requirements legend’ to separate custom requirements page and linked to them. I think having list of requirements cg needs to meet for various projects to use it can come useful. Of course I will work on implementing functionality needed for the projects I work on =)
Can we keep list of interested projects here or they should go to separate page as well?


I just moved list of interested sites to separate page as well to keep this one more focused =)


any updates here?