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Founded in 1985, Asian Americans United’s mission is to build leadership in Asian American communities to build our neighborhoods and unite against oppression.

AAU has worked in Philadelphia’s Asian American communities and in broader multiracial coalitions around quality education, youth leadership, anti-Asian violence, immigrant rights, and folk arts and cultural maintenance.

Among our accomplishments are: initiating and monitoring the settlement of a lawsuit with the School District of Philadelphia to improve services to immigrant students; developing the leadership of hundreds of youth through the Community Youth Leadership Project and the Asian American Youth Workshop; creating the Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival; and founding the Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School.

AAU is the recipient of numerous awards for services to youth, folk arts programs, organizational excellence and intergenerational leadership.

Executive Director: Ellen Somekawa
1023 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
t: 215-925-1538 | e: aau@aaunited.org

Members meetings: every Thursday from 6-8:30 p.m.

Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia (CAGP)

CAGP’s mission is to improve the quality of life of Cambodian Americans in Greater Philadelphia through direct service, advocacy, and cultural education.

The Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia (CAGP), the city’s foundation of social, health and education programs for Cambodian refugees and their families, has achieved extraordinary organizational development and growth over the past thirty years. We are the only organization of its kind, specializing in providing innovative and unique bilingual programs and services to meet the combined social, economic, health and academic needs of Cambodians in Philadelphia, many of whom are survivors of the Cambodian genocide or descendants of survivors.

The Civic Engagement Project aims to empower individuals to become more engaged in issues that affect their community. As part of a non-partisan project, CAGP actively conducts civic engagement activities that include assisting clients/ community members with their naturalization process, voter registration, voter education, Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV), voter assistance, and voting rights advocacy initiatives. The project educates and empowers community members to have a voice, and talk about issues and concerns that matter most to them.

North Office
5412 North 5th Street Philadelphia, PA 19120
Tel: 215.324.4070 Fax: 215.324.2995

South Center
2416-18 South 7th Street Philadelphia, PA 19148
Tel: 215.389.0748 Fax: 215.389.0749

The Media Mobilizing Project (MMP)

The Media Mobilizing Project (MMP) exists to unleash the powerful combination of communications, media making and organizing in order to clarify the issues at stake, document lived human realities, and act as a tool to inspire and unite those who have a vested interest in change.

The central tenets of MMP are 1) issues of media democracy, justice and reform cannot be detached from larger socio-economic questions, and 2) new participatory media tools offer the possibility of fusing otherwise fragmented struggles for justice. In light of this, MMP aims to utilize independent media making as an organizing tool in an effort to build a broad vibrant network of social movements in Philadelphia, while developing capacities for communities to create our own media. By sharing our stories we break through the fragmentation of our issues and the isolation of our communities, and build the networks necessary to address the root causes of the problems we face.

4233 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


BPSOS’ mission is to equip, organize, and empower Vietnamese individuals and communities in their pursuit of dignity and liberty.

Profile of Vietnamese Community of Philadelphia According to the 2000 census, there are between 11,000 to 13,000 Vietnamese living in Philadelphia County, with the densest populations in South Philadelphia where our office is located, West Philadelphia, and North and Northeast Philadelphia. There is also an emerging community of Vietnamese Americans in Upper Darby, PA.

600 Washington Ave, Suite 18U-A
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Office: 215-334-1500

Email: philly@bpsos.org

The COLOURS Organization, Inc.

The COLOURS Organization, Inc. was established in 1991 to respond to the lack of positive and progressive educational advocacy and support mechanisms for LGBT people of color in the Greater Philadelphia area. COLOURS seeks to accomplish this through a variety of activities aimed at attacking the underpinnings of disempowerment and despair in our community, activities which improve information sharing, enhance self-esteem, and support and develop the talent, beauty, strength and courage of LGBT people of color.

112 N. Broad St. 3rd Floor • Philadelphia, PA 19102
O: (215) 496-0330 • F: (215) 496-0354 • info@coloursorganization.org

POSITIVE BROTHERS (Monday’s 6pm – 8pm)
Positive Brothers is a weekly self-help, support and empowerment group for sexual minority men of color living with HIV/AIDS.

SISTER’S UNITED (Tuesdays (5:30pm – 7pm)
Sister’s United is a group by and for Transwomen to come together in a relaxed, fun, safe environment to share issues, create community and strengthen sisterly bonds.

SOCIAL “X” CHANGE (Tuesday’s 6pm – 8pm)
A social activity group formed by and for LGBT youth of color from the ages of thirteen to twenty-three. They are a weekly social events or an open forum making sure that youth can come together as one and interact productively with individuals that share a common bond.

MEN OF COLOUR UNITED (Wednesday’s 6pm – 8pm)
Men of Colour United is a weekly discussion group that offers support, education and prevention programs for sexual minority men of color. MOCU activities promote healthy bonding and relationship building between gay and bisexual men of color.

SISTAH 2 SISTAH (Wednesday’s 6pm – 8pm)
A social/support group for lesbian youth of color, ages 13-24. The group provides a safe, fun and exciting environment where Lesbian youth can come together as a community to interact and discuss issues in and about our community. We offer weekly social events, open discussionand monthly movie/discussions.

40 ACRES OF CHANGE (Thursday’s 6pm – 8pm)
This is the only minority-run peer support group for LGBT teens and young adults people of color in the region. 40AC currently employs 4 part-time youth to assist in the development and implementation of our youth peer education and outreach programs.

Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Associations Coalition (SEAMAAC)

Founded in 1984, the Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Associations Coalition, Inc. (SEAMAAC) has over 2 decades of experience serving and advocating for refugees, immigrants, and asylees in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our mission is to support immigrants, refugees, and their families as they seek access to opportunities, which would advance the condition of their lives in the United States. SEAMAAC continues to bring issues affecting immigrants/refugees to the forefront for policy makers and other health and social service agencies. SEAMAAC currently maintains programs in translation, ESL, job training, youth programs, elderly programs, truancy prevention and health (prenatal care, Hepatitis B, HIV, lead poisoning, tobacco). Annually SEAMAAC serves approximately 1,500 immigrants, refugees and asylees. We reach another 6,000 individuals from the immigrant and refugee communities, through our outreach work and various special events such as community and health fairs throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area.

SEAMAAC affirms that immigrants and refugees are the foundation of the United States’ prosperity and freedoms. SEAMAAC works to create a society where the contributions of immigrants and refugees are valued and appreciated. SEAMAAC believes that the rich resources and skills of immigrants and refugees strengthen the cultural tapestry that is the United States of America.
SEAMAAC collaborates with local and national agencies to increase the accessibility to educational and heath services, as well as to improve these services to immigrants and refugees. We also partner with local and national agencies, and community members and organizers to protect immigrant and refugee rights. SEAMAAC works with immigrant and refugee communities to increase their visibility and voice to policy makers. We are committed to our partnership with the immigrant and refugee communities, as well as hiring staff that reflects the experiences of these communities.

SEAMAAC acknowledges the challenges immigrants and refugees have faced in order to attain social and economic resources, as well as seek freedom from war, tyranny, and oppression. Our work and mission seek to recapture the resilient spirit and strengths of immigrants and refugees to adapt, survive, and flourish in the United States. SEAMAAC also recognizes that despite their determination to succeed, immigrants and refugees face racism, debilitating poverty, and overwhelming disparities in the areas of education and health services. Therefore, it is also SEAMAAC’s mission to advocate for as well as to help build stronger communities that will help immigrants and refugees maintain their self-determination in the pursuit of obtaining a better quality of life.

1711 South Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19148.
Phone Number (215) 467-0690
Fax Number (215) 467-5301

UPenn South Asia Society

The South Asia Society (SAS) is a student organization dedicated to promoting cultural unity, social interaction, and political awareness relating to the South Asian community at Penn. Penn has always fostered a thriving and enterprising South Asian community, which has the opportunity to reach out to Penn students and faculty. Specifically SAS’s goals are to increase awareness and educate the Penn community of the various cultures and heritages represented in the South Asian subcontinent. SAS also strives to create an environment in which the greater Penn community may explore and experience this South Asian Culture. SAS promotes social interaction among South Asians and those interested in the culture, in addition to helping those from abroad adjust to life at Penn. Alongside these goals, SAS works to increase awareness and mobilize students about political issues pertaining to the South Asian community. SAS serves as an outlet for all students to voice their opinions.

SABA Philly

Serve as the regional voice for the concerns and opinions of South Asians in the community generally, and in the legal profession in particular.

Provide a forum for professional networking and development, legal scholarship and education, and advocacy and community involvement.

mailing list: www.sabaphilly.org/mailinglist.html

Contact: www.sabaphilly.org/contactus.htm

Nina Varughese
Greenberg Traurig (law firm)
2700 Two Commerce Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103

UPenn South Asia Center

The South Asia Center at the University of Pennsylvania coordinates faculty and students drawn from many departments and several schools who develop and participate in community and campus-wide programs and activities pertaining to South Asia.
The South Asia Center works in consonance with the Department of South Asia Studies and the Graduate Group in South Asia Regional Studies and provides outreach activities to K-12 teachers and students in surrounding communities.

820 Williams Hall
255 S. 36th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305
Fax: 215-573-2138

Raili Roy
Phone: 215-898-4490 or 215-898-8816
Fax: 215-573-2138

Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Pennsylvania (APABA-PA)

The Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Pennsylvania (“APABA-PA”), formerly the Asian American Bar Association of the Delaware Valley, is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 to serve a wide network of Asian Pacific American attorneys admitted or practicing in Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware and Southern New Jersey. The APABA-PA is dedicated to the advancement of its members and the Asian American community. The APABA-PA also educates its members about issues critical to Asian Pacific Americans and advances the interests of Asian Pacific American attorneys as well as the interests of the local Asian American community.

Community Outreach Committee

Mission Statement
The Community Outreach committee’s mission is simply stated: To educate local APA communities, especially legally underserved populations, about the law and available legal resources to help keep APAs out of legal trouble and to help APA immigrants adjust to the American legal framework.

Free Legal Seminars
The mainstay of the work of the Community Outreach committee is putting on free legal seminars. These seminars are usually targeted to a particular APA community group, and are tailored to meet the informational needs of that audience. We provide presenters knowledgeable in the requested legal topic, handouts explaining the topics in writing, and schedule the seminars for a time most convenient to the audience, including evenings and weekends. We ask the groups with which we work to provide a venue and encourage their members to attend so that the information we provide can reach the largest audience possible. We also work closely with community groups to address other logistical issues, such as interpretation and translation services.

Questions about Community Outreach committee programs, activities, and partnership opportunities can be directed to:

Djung Tran
committee co-chair

Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania (HBAPA)

The Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania (HBAPA) is a professional organization composed of members of the Bar and law students of Hispanic ancestry as well as other interested persons. The HBAPA was founded to provide a forum for Hispanic and other lawyers who are interested in promoting the social, economic, and educational advancement of Hispanic attorneys, the Hispanic community, and the administration of justice.

Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania
P.O. Box 59106 | Philadelphia, PA 19102-9106
Phone: (215) 496-7227 | Fax: (215) 568-0140 | moc.liamg@swenabhap

Native Nations Dance Theater

Native Nations Dance Theater is an educational program of Native Nations Productions, Inc. NNDT is recognized as the Nations resource for exceptional educational and outreach programs with offices in Philadelphia and South Dakota. NNDT was developed for the purpose of educating people about the presence of Native American artists and culture in their communities.

266 South Frazier Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139
Office: (215) 397-4740

Natives at Penn (NAP)

Natives at Penn is an organization founded in 1994 for Native American students and Penn students. The two founding alums were Brian Brayboy and Desiree Martinez. This organization works with faculty and staff to increase the presence of Native American students at Penn.

Today, Natives at Penn has been making excellent progress in visibility and awareness. Natives at Penn continue to work with faculty, staff, Penn Administration and Alumni Relations to keep our presence known. As a small group on campus, we work hard to keep our small numbers united with cultural activities like Indian taco nights, welcome back dinners, All-Ivy Native American Conference and annual pow-wow.


Race Dialogue Project (RDP)

The Race Dialogue Project (RDP) is a grassroots community of students whose goal is to explore the impact of race in society. The mission of RDP is to create campus awareness regarding the ways in which individual experiences related to race fit into the context of a greater socio-political and economic framework.

Each year, the Race Dialogue Project will pick an annual theme. The fall semester is geared towards exploring our theme through an artistic/visual medium, at a local level on campus. The spring semester is geared toward hosting a symposium that further explores our theme on a more global level through a series of events such as speakers, workshops, and socials.

Meetings: Monday from 6:30-7:30pm at the Greenfield Intercultural Center.


Fatimah Muhammad
(215) 898-3358

United Minorities Council (UMC)

The United Minorities Council (UMC) is a 33 year old undergraduate student coalition of Penn’s Caribbean/African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino, and Native American student organizations. The UMC strives to provide a forum of advocacy, reflection and action on issues of concern to students of color at Penn. The UMC also host two major university activities during the academic year: Unity Week in the Fall and Celebration of Cultures in the Spring.