Drupal code

Hi all,

Here are the details for setting up an indymedia site with Drupal scotland.indymedia.org/node/10073,

The guy who did our site has made lots of custom modules such as a Dada to Drupal migrator

I’ve put together an out-of-the-box distribution which can be downloaded here



Work has also been started on Translating the interface into Scots Gaelic,

The .po template files for the custom modules can be downloaded here



Thanks! I haven’t dropped by crabgrass for a while so when I did I was glad to see this. I forwarded your link to Riley <datamonkey99@gmail.com> from IMC DC who had questions about migrating from Dada to Drupal.

If anyone wants to join in any work to Drupalize the IMC-Alternatives site contact John <john@manifestor.org> or Josh <josh.marcus@gmail.com>, or e-mail the imc-alternatives@lists.indymedia.org list.


The scotland example has really helped to get us moving again off of the dada platform. Now I just have to convince some of the editors that the new software will not be that difficult to learn. Did the scotland editors have much problem making the switch.


@ riley

no, it was quite easy to learn.


The most up-to-date indymedia alba (drupal) code can be found in the source repository:


There is a download link if you prefer zip files. This is a complete drupal distribution including the drupal code itself, at version 6.10 right now.


So this code on github could be put on any local computer for the purposes of playing around with it?
(assuming the presence of working server software, apache etc).
XAMPP is good for beginners like me.

PS love that the URL makes you the treemaster, TomM. Primmo :p


It might be easer for you to use the dedicated virtual machine for drupal development. check out www.turnkeylinux.org/appliances/drupal6

Here is easy how to start with virtual box:


Hi, we (imc Venezuela Centro) want to build our page on drupal 8, someone could help us?


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