New Moderator Process

This process has been agreed at the meeting on 30th July

currently moderators can:

  • promoter status
  • hider status

they cannot:

  • access the admin interface (with all that that contains, like user lists, post action alerts, change snippets, restart the job scheduler…)
  • access the edit page for articles, edit content or correct mistakes
  • feature content

If the need for an additional communication platform arises, we will set up an editorial committee here on crabgrass, which will give people a platform to deal with editorial issues.

The workshop should cover the following:


  • workings of the site, what notifications go where, when does an email need to be send and where…
  • more importantly: discuss the Mission Statement and Editorial Guidelines in depth as well as the understanding of what Indymedia is trying to do.

Following steps are required to become an Imc London moderator:

  1. take part in the workshop
  2. sign up to imc-london and imc-london-moderation lists
  3. attend the next editorial meeting
  4. get moderator status (maybe also a ‘buddy’, another moderator as partner to discuss things with, often helps to make people more comfortable in a new group)

In order to test things out I have created an account with moderator status, but there’s currently technical difficulties.


Do we need “active” consensus? Ok here’s my active agreement then :) Thanks for putting this together, it makes perfect sense


It does make perfect sense to me too. Cheers Mara!


the technical issue might now actually have anything to do with the moderator role, so go recruiting ;)


I’ve updated the site and making it public now.