Minutes for agreement 2011-05-08

Minutes of IMC Northern England Collective meeting 08-05-11 at the 1in12 Club, Bradford, 12pm

Present: JD, JRF, LIBJF, NAB
(Also late: JM)
Apologies: PTG, DOD

mins: nab

  1. Check agenda
  2. Review of action points from last meeting

(all) Documentation day
(JD) check ‘comments’ to ‘additions’
(JF and nab) email to aktivist groups
(nab) Royal Park
(nab) make poster
(JD) ask JKirk and other non-active members to unsubscribe from active collective members

  1. Newswire & new features

Feature proposal: if three people want a feature then no need for 24h deadline but one person can object and it comes back down to normal.

If hierarchical group, “AA” post then email them to ask to not push loads of “AA” meetings e.t.c but if they don’t then maybe hide their articles in future.

  1. IMC Chiapas


  1. Suggestion to change from “Promoted” to “Not spam”

agreed to change the usage of promoted to mean that the article isn’t spam.

  1. Skillshare on how to edit our Front Page

Major frontpage changes coming soon, also the escapegoat server is moving so will be arranged once situation becomes clearer.

  1. Proposal to change links on front page

change “uk” to bethemedia

  1. Outreach and other events of interest?

Nab to make new posters

  1. Forking Indymedia

everyone in active collective and attending meetings to be subscribed to contact list. Action point Jen

Blocking the IP address of the MayDay copy of the UK site at a server level was agreed.

  • Update on the fork
  • Be The Media update – we think we are moving to use the riseup email list only, but there is some confusion. Stick with riseup atm.
    Someone will send an email to the BTM list to suggest meeting in Bradford (rather than Bristol)
  • Letter to global network proposal

2 letters were agreed and have been sent. We need to ask the other members of the bethemedia grouping to cc mail to imc-northern-contact so we can participate and sign off on future letters.

  1. Next Liverpool meeting
  2. We agree to go over in the summer again, meanwhile we’ll email IMC Liverpool to see what they want to do next. Jess to put draft on Crabgrass.
  1. Hebden meeting

we should have a meeting in Heavy B, Could Ptg find out when the people in hebden have a free sunday?

  1. NIMC meeting – Nab and Jess to locate space for meeting in Leeds on 5th June
  1. Server props – We agree to renew northern-indymedia.org and keep current set up that redirects from northern.indymedia.org
    We need to start thinking about getting more server space from somewhere else for things like video.
    Some people in collective haven’t been to meeting for a while but still moderators, what do we do?

A letter to Mark was agreed

  1. a radio player
    Suggestion that radio player for cAtsalyst Radio is put on front page of our site. We’re generally for providing a link, but we want to see what it looks like first.
  1. http
    not discussed, to revisit at next meeting

Can we make these public in 48 hours?



Numbering of action points a bit strange – but I seem to have one re. Hebden Bridge. Last time I spoke to them (in fact, each time I speak to them) they ask about audio and video from their Transition launch day – they’ll ask again as soon as I suggest a meeting.

Any suggestions?