Agenda for 7th March 2010

This is a draft agenda for the Northern Indymedia collective meeting at the 1 in 12 club from 1200-1600 on 7.3.10. Please add any points you want discussed

Some of us have discussed making this meeting a bit special because it’s 6 months (OK, 7 months 1 week and 1 day, that’s 218 synodic days or 216 siderial days) from the launch of our website, at Unity Day, Hyde Park, Leeds on Saturday 1st August 2009.


The usual stuff

  • Volunteers for facilitator & minute-taker/s
  • Welcome new people / introductions / apologies

Suggestion: all action points get put to one side, so we can come back to them in the choosing priorities section

  • Matters arising from minutes of last meeting
  • Correspondence
    • Report of what’s been going on in the imc-uk private lists
    • Summary of correspondence to imc-northern-contact
    • Contribution/s for next Yorkshire Evening Pest
  • Review of who should be on imc-northern-contact
  • Review of who should be in crabgrass “active collective members” group
  • Plans for outreach events
    • Meeting in Newcastle
    • Manchester / Salford
    • York
  • Planned coverage
    • Bradford Mayday happenings
    • Derwent open-cast documentary
  • Review of recent news stories
  • New-Imc process
    • WTF! and summary for people not on the relevant lists
    • What would Mr. T do? etc.

The special stuff

  • Make a list of our achievements in the last 6 months
    • We have published 545 things!
    • We have held x open meetings in 3 different towns!
    • We have formed a solid but flexible, happy collective!
    • We have contributed to the development of the hyperactive CMS!
    • We have supported and helped lots of campaigns!
    • We have done outreach events in a mainstream festival, a community festival, a city centre street and climate camp!
    • We have coordinated and provided coverage for at least two major news stories!
    • We have hosted (with 1in12) a Hacktionlab meeting
  • What could we have done better?
    • Not taking the troll-bait?
    • Assigning a facilitator for the next meeting each time, to make sure it gets promoted and happens?

What do we want to do next months?

  • Need to be realistic and choose our priorities
  • Need 2 lists
    • action points that named people will do before the next meeting
    • strategic plans for the next 6-12 months
      • Recruiting translators
  • Need a volunteer to promote & draft minutes for next meeting