Agenda for 8th May 2010

Starting at noon at the 1in12 in Bradford
  1. Welcome and introduction to Northern (esp. if there are new people)
  2. Check agenda
  3. Review of action points from last meeting
  4. Newswire & new features
  5. Suggestion to change from “Promoted” to “Not spam”
  6. Skillshare on how to edit our Front Page
  7. Proposal to change links on front page
  8. Outreach and other events of interest?
  9. Forking Indymedia
    • Update on the fork
    • Be The Media update
    • Letter to global network proposal

Thanks for doing this… I’m sending my apols though as I’ll be having “quality time”.

Cheers. ptg


I need to get away early so I’m hoping for an early start….


Cool, I’ll be there early. There’s a hunt sab film on in the library so we can meet in the bar instead.