Minutes of meeting on 23rd July

Here are the minutes from the meeting at the 1 in 12 club, Bradford on 23rd July


JD, JK, PT apologies: MR, JF

volunteers for facilitator & minutes

JD agreed to take minutes. Since there were only 3 present, facilitation was shared by all.

welcome to new people, introductions & ground rules

Welcome extended to JK

finalise agenda

Agenda agreed by consensus as previously published

process proposal from MR: that we adopt standing agenda items to ensure transparency

Agreed by consensus to adopt this approach

matters arising from previous minutes

Minutes from last meeting were unavailable since JF has been extremely busy with preparations for Climate Camp, though a brief summary was given to JK

summary of correspondence received through imc-northern-contact

Noone present was on this mailing list so unable to discuss

any correspondence through other channels

JD told group about letter from The Mule in Manchester in which they said they would actively add content to our site, particularly any non-manchester news, and that they would be happy to collaborate in the near future and build strong links. Possibility of attending upcoming meeting with IMC Manchester once it is sorted out.

review of recent news posts

Agreed we need more postings as ever :-) JK suggested that the writing workshops were a great idea and that we should look to doing some again in the near future.

suggestions for future reports

Agreed by consensus to try to write features in a similar way to IMC UK and start a feature article on crabgrass, write an email to the imc-northern mailing list with the address and if there is no objection in 24hrs, to add it as a feature. This is to allow wider participation in feature writing. Open cast coal article by JF proposed as feature once the reason for the decision by Leeds City council is made public.

The plan for Climate Camp and how we can work well with IMC London/IMC UK on it.

The plans for climate camp received a brief run-through. IMC London are to sort out dispatch numbers for reporting. More details can be found at the following discussion thread: we.riseup.net/imc-northern/indymedia-co...

*tech briefing (prepared in advance by MR and JD) *

To spare the boredom, JD advised people who are interested to look at the following page: we.riseup.net/imc-northern/tech-update-... . JD asked for consensus approval to update the hyperactive code on the website to version 0.8 which includes a timeline feature which was demonstrated and the proper mobile code. Consensus was reached on this and to be sorted out before the camp.

website moderation: how are we to deal with hierarchical or otherwise dubious groups? (continued)

There was much informal discussion of this and consensus was not reached on a way to deal with the issue. Some of the main points raised revolved around how to define such a group. It was agreed that more discussion was needed and that it may need either a definition proposing or a change to bar those who are actively pushing a heirarchical agenda. Carried forwards to the next meeting. JK was offered moderation privileges as a meeting attender but wanted to think about it before accepting or not.

mailing list moderation: what is and isn’t acceptable use of the list?

Agreed by consensus to remove premoderation of postings by JK following face to face discussion and clarification of the use of the list. Difficult to discuss this subject properly as no list admins were present but agreed in principle that it is difficult to make decisions on this, however hopefully incidents requiring moderation would be rare.


It was raised as a proposal that there should be a process in place for active members of the collective who don’t manage to get to an undefined number of meetings (5 was suggested) without sending advance apologies should be assumed to be inactive and so have any responsibilities such as list admin reallocated so as to keep the process enable. It was decided to bring this to the next meeting as a proposal. It was raised to send out bucketloads of thanks to all at the Callis Permaculture community in Hebden Bridge for providing a bike-powered generator again for use in the be the media space at the Climate Camp.

next meeting/s

A date was not set for the next meeting as a proposal was made to engage with groups attending this years climate camp in the Yorkshire Neighbourhood and ask them if they would like to host the next meeting/s as an outreach drive.

JD has spoken to the peeps at Callis, Hebden Bridge about hosting a meeting in their communal tipi space and getting them involved in the IMC Northern project somehow. JD will follow up after the camp and set a date.