Possible Features

A list of features that we would like to see written

We would like Indymedia to be a place that not only is reporting on single events / protests that are happening around us but also broader issues that are effecting out lives. This a totally incomplete list of things that might spark your interest. If they do then click, make a new page and start. Then hopefully we will get some more features on our site.

  • Cycling – advocating and promoting this, attitude (how it changes a complicated car/bus to bits of metal you can fix yourself), eco.
  • Allotment/ Permaculture – an article introducing permaculture and how luck Leeds is to have Hollybush and Bradford to have BEES and some of the positive work that is happening.
  • Homelessness – the charities that exist, life on the street, squatting and alternative housing
  • Refugees – about LASAN (Leeds Asylum Seekers Supporters’ Network) and PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers) and the no boarders campaigns
  • Cultural activism – interview about different culture’s experience of activism in our cities. What motivates other groups.
  • Social Centres – how they effect our lives. What they can do?

(feel free to add more or take any on)


RE: Bees – they’re having Blossom Day at the people’s orchard (or whatever it’s called) on May 7th.

Not sure I can make it , being a work day – they’ve kind of asked me to man the barbecue (they know I’m a pyromaniac) but I haven’t confirmed.

Could be good for happy photos and fluffy news. Will see what can be done (it’s the 10 year anniversary of Apple Day in October so it makes sense to get the ball rolling a bit…)