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Aberdeen Anarchists Aberdeen
AK Press Edinburgh
Autonomous Centre Edinburgh Edinburgh
Bright Green Scotland Rest of Scotland
Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance Edinburgh
Edinburgh University Anarchist Society Edinburgh
Edinburgh University Anti-cuts Group Edinburgh
Free University Dundee Dundee
Glasgow Solidarity Network Glasgow
Hartwood Community Co-op Rest of Scotland
Industrial Workers of the World Rest of Scotland
Occupy Edinburgh Edinburgh
Tripod Edinburgh
Aberdeen Against Austerity Aberdeen
Aberdeen Voice Aberdeen
City Strolls Glasgow
Edinburgh University Anti-Cuts Edinburgh
Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Coalition Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Alliance (EACA) has been formed by members of trade unions and community groups in the Edinburgh area. Its purpose is:unite all those in Edinburgh opposed to the cuts being imposed by the UK and Scottish Governments;provide information on why these cuts are neither necessary nor inevitable;and organise co-ordinated resistance to them. Edinburgh
Edinburgh Eye Edinburgh
Edinburgh Hacklab Edinburgh
Electron Club Glasgow
Fleabite Glasgow
Glasgow Anarchists Glasgow
Glasgow Social Centre Glasgow
Greener Leith can’t find one but they have a blog, need to contact Edinburgh
Molly Huzzell Edinburgh
Radical Glasgows Anarchist Critic
Glasgow only –
Real Democracy Now Edinburgh GR Edinburgh
Ulla’s Amazing Wee Blog Edinburgh
Unity Centre Glasgow Glasgow
IWW Scotland
Glasgow –
Edinburgh –
Dumfries –
Rest of Scotland
Black Triangle Campaign Edinburgh
Glasgow Action Network Glasgow
Variant Glasgow
Sunny Govan Glasgow
Camcorder Guerillas Glasgow
Strickland Distribution Glasgow
Document Film Festival Media Glasgow
Radical Independent Bookfair Glasgow
Common Good Watch
SOLAS EcoVillage
Glasgow University Climate Action Society
Glasgow Anarchist Federation
Glasgow CAN
Inverness anarchist group (more details needed)
Traveller Solidarity Network?
Glasgow User Manual Glasgow
GalGael Glasgow
Southside Crane Glasgow