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Proposal for a static page to be linked from the UK's front page with a 'donate' banner. Also I propose to have a link to this text from a short startpage special on the front page and to leave it up for a few weeks

This page has now been turned into a static page in IMC-UK and linked from a short start page special feature on top of the UK and all regional IMC front pages in the Network. For the London IMC it has been linked from the ‘snippet’ in the front page too, as it doesn’t have ‘start page special’ type of articles.

Support IMC UK!

You have probably already heard this, but just in case here it is again: “The Independent Media Center UK is a grassroots network of individuals, groups, and independent and alternative media activists committed to using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting social, economic justice. Unlike the corporate media, Indymedia UK is not owned by anyone, or funded by big commercial conglomorates and advertisers.”

You probably also know that in the last few years there have been a series of IMC servers been seized by the police. The first one was in 2004 when police seized the first server in London. The following year, 2005, another server was seized in Bristol, and finally, more recently, on the 22nd of January 09 IMC-UK lost another server due to another police operation en.

The loss of a server represents a serious damage to the infrastructure of the indymedia project as well as the local grassroots social movements. On the other hand, such incidents can raise public attention to issues like civil liberties and free speech, data-retention laws and also to the work of alternative media projects. In any case, it is resource-intensive to replace a server both financially and time-wise, and that means we are in urgent need of your support to sustain our effort.

Please consider helping out with the running costs of IMC-UK by donating some money. A regular standing order can enormously help Indymedia – what it does and what it stands for – no matter how small the donation may be. Enough regular contributions will secure its financial viability and stability.

Our bank is: Triodos Bank NV Brunel House 11 The Promenade Bristol BS8 3NN

If you want to transfer money from within the UK: Account number: 03194700 Sort code: 16-58-10

If using checks, please write them to: The Independent Media Centre (IMC) UK. In the UK, cheques or cash can be paid in over the counter at all branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland at no charge. This is preferable to sending them to Triodos – it otherwise costs us 50p per cheque.

Cheques or Postal order can be sent to: The Independent Media Centre IMC UK
c/o LARC. 62 Fieldgate Street, London, E1 1ES.

To transfer money internationally without extra fees (only valid for EU countries):
Account Name: Triodos Bank
Account number: 10000856
Sort code: 16-00-34
IBAN Number: BG11RBOS16003410 0008 56
BIC Number: RBOS BD 21
Reference: 03194700

Thank you for you support!