Copenhagen Getting Ready for COP15 Protests, Police Getting Edgy …

The Trade and Climate Caravan more will finally arrive tonight to Copenhagen report Meanwhile hundreds of activists are already in town putting the final touches to different aspects of next week’s mobilisations. Police also seem to have stepped up their activity, and thus on the early hours of Wednesday 9th they raided the Ragnhildesgade accomodation space Report | Climate Justice Action Press Release as well as activist housing in Teglholmen.

Meanwhile protests have already started in the streets of Copenhagen. On the first day of the summit there was a Die-in protest at the Belle Center, whilst the Summit itself fall into disarray after the so-called ‘Danish text’ was leaked. Information about the intended policing of the Danish borders is also becoming clearer. Borderwatchcop15 reports about police controls on the motorway near Flensburg, as well as reportsof coaches getting into Copenhagen being stopped and searched. But this is not stopping people from traveling to Copenhagen, nor is it stopping activists from setting up infrastructure in the city itself: the activists Media Centre has already been set up and it is open for business, a First Aid Cop15 group has been set up, as well as Street Medics and a Trauma Support Group more.

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