New Cms

FR: Peur-etre qui on va changer le system qui va gerer la page de, cet wiki est pour reflechir sur le nouvelle carateristique qui doiv avoir le nouvelle page
It: Nel futuro dovremo cambiare il sistema che gestisce la pagina di, questo wiki serve per riflettere sulle nuove caratteristiche che vorremmo avesse la nuova pagina, il MIR che oggi usiamo non è più sviluppato, sta diventando obsoleto.
De: Um mit Indymedia voranzuschreiten, ist die Grundsätzliche Überlegung vorhanden, ein neues CMS auszuwählen. Diese Seite ist dazu da, die neuen und bestehenden Eigenschaften zu dokumentieren.

Global Context

Proposition / Proposte / Neue Sachen / New things

  • A external feed aggregator (pour avoir en page de feed des autre page), (ex: – om
  • A goood calendar/agenda automatich – om
    calendar articles should be still normal articles – ng
  • A visual html editor pour l’administration et pour le openpostin – om
  • La possibilite de mieux organizer le newswire (newswire/analisi/comunicati/copyandpaste) – om
    already now possible, > lack of tech knowledge, as well the volition of NeGu :/ – ng
  • Un player visual pour video e mp3 – om
  • P2P? integration (BitTorrent?, edonkey) – ng
  • trackbacks for blogs – ng
  • tags, tag clouds – ng
  • still openposting, but optional user-logins ?! – ng
  • a good Cross Site Search – eris
  • nice to have: Image manipulator – eris
  • nice to have: Licensing Options (from gpl to cc…etc) – eris
  • abandon more the hierarchy between users and moderators (wikipedia). for sure this can’t be solved only by a new system. but the opinion is that normal users in general get more ways to get involved directly in the page. – ng
  • visible versioning of articles (more wiki like) – ng
  • voting posibilities (digg like) – ng
  • comments/additions and a discussion possibility. give users the power to help to moderate that. – ng
  • invent something completly new! – ng

Technical Features:

  • it should be possible to import all the existing data into the new cms – ng
  • it should be a cms with a large community base and an ongoing development – ng
  • multiple designs (maybe only based on languages like now) – ng
  • no logging of user data – ng
  • it should be possible to mirror media out of main server – ng
  • spam filter – ng
  • as i understand, the mirroring is the main problem of possible new systems?! – eris
  • yes and no, mirroring can be solved with different solutions. the main problem is rather to be sure to import all the existing data into the * new system. ng
  • it’s also important to use the actually URL-structure for the pages ($year/$month/$n.html), because of the internal links of the old pages, but also because of the links of the external pages – detrito
  • i rethinked this part and think we shouldn’t focus on reusage of the old content in general. Maybe we should say that this an optional feature and that it would be nice to integrate the old content in the new page. Otherwise we’ll simply redirect the old structure to something like and freeze the old content there. – ng

A conserver / Da conservare / Beizubehalten

  • Le pdf-macher pour les article / Möglichkeit PDFs aus Artikeln generieren zu lassen
  • La possibilte de faire de traduction / Möglichkeit zur Übersetzung
  • multilanguage / Mehrsprachigkeit
  • category pages / unterschiedliche Kategorien (-Seiten)
  • common startpage / gemeinsame Startseite