Invitation to InSeL-SummerForum 2012

InSeL-SummerForum, July 20th – 29th 2012

Let’s live the good learning now!

radical analysis, liberating practices and encouraging atmospheres in the context of education and autonomy

The “Island for autonomous learning” (Insel für selbstbestimmtes Lernen) invites you to a summer forum at July 20th – 29th 2012. With cooperative methods like workshops, world cafés, lectures and others we want to discuss issues and experience practises and atmospheres that involve autonomous learning. Some suggested topics are:


  • how to unlearn sexism, racism, adultism and other forms of dominance?
  • inclusive learning
  • self-organisation and collective memory
  • autonomy vs. proactivism


  • attentive listening
  • non-violent communication
  • cooperative counselling
  • affinity groups


  • experiencing music
  • games and celebrating
  • body painting
  • percussion

For a broad variety of content we are going to invite external speakers. But the basic principle of the summer forum will be the interests and needs of the participants. To make the plan-ning easier if you only come for a short visit, you will soon find a schedule of fixed workshops on

structure and setting

Location: Tagungshaus Wernsdorf (close to Berlin), Neu Zittauer Straße 10, 15537 Wernsdorf

Accessibility: Unfortunately there are some steps at the location, with which peoplewith wheel chairs may need help from other friendly paticipants in navigating. More detailed information on accessibility barriers in the house and on your way there (e.g. with public transportation) will be posted in June on

week plan

  • 20th/21th & 27th-29th: open time.
  • 21th, 4pm to 24th, 4 pm: core time I – theories, practices, atmospheres.
  • 24th, evening: party.
  • 25th/26th: core time II – reflections on InSeL-practices so far.

up-to-date information will be provided here:


money and resources: The forum is non-commercial. This means everyone accepts, that participants give what they can, according to their means. But at the end the forum has to finance itself. The costs of travelling to the forum will be redistributed. Food, accommodation and travelling costs of referents have to be payed for by the community. We have raised enough funds to ask for an average contribution of 7-20 € per person/day. If you want to help to lower costs, you can help us dunpster dive. We provide a purpose-built bike.

registration: Please register soon at and tell, how long you want to stay and where you come from, so we can get you a contact to people coming from your area if you want.

What is InSeL?

InSeL stands for “Insel für selbstbestimmtes Lernen” (Island for autonomous learning). InSeL is a learning and research collective, that tries to create an experimental open space through practices of empowerment. At the moment InSeL deals with learning – education – subjectifying – childhood; state school – institutional discrimination – institutions and ideology – supportive practices; pressure to perform – capitalist exploitation logic – timeout – nomadism. This list is open to more topics. What InSeL deals with depends on the people involved.

Depending on our own interests and needs we organize in learning circles and set up long-term cooperation with each other. Unlike conventional universities, at InSeL everyone is in charge of his or her own learning and the group decide on its projects or plans collectively.