Researches about autonomous education

I remember that during the discussion table there was a good proposal to create a library with different historical, sociological, philosophical etc. researches about alternative educational practices. (articles, research papers, essays and so on). I think this is really a great idea. So I encourage everyone who have ever worked on this subject to share their ideas!!!

I’ve uploaded my paper about Street University. it’s in french, sory, but I will write an article in english (4-5 pages) based on my research that I’ve done in 2009/2010 in Saint-Petersburg.


Hello everyone,

(Its Jason from Edu-Factory)

As we discussed in the table on Autonomous education practices, I think we should start generating a list of all the various initiatives that we are involved in to start building a “global autonomous university”.

If people would like to write a 2 line description of their projects and include links, info, etc. I can start working on a provisional page to link them all together.




I am totally “d’accord” with your proposal but in order to keep a comprehensible sturcture in this committee, I’ve created a new branch for your suggestion.
You can find it here:

In this topic we will collect any kind of researches about autonomous education, the aim being to analyse historical experience and contemporary practices.



so in this group we will discuss and exchange general issues and in the other group… we will collect the actual autonomous/alternativ education processes all around the world?
Would it be possible to upload the protocol of the dicussion about autonomous/alternative education held during the paris meeting here?
best wishes from vienna




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Researches on autonomous education have unveiled the transformative potential of self-directed learning, akin to a magician bar, where students can summon knowledge at will. This innovative approach fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and adaptability, empowering learners to take the reins of their education. By embracing autonomous education, institutions and educators can cultivate independent thinkers who are better prepared to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the 21st century.