Project Concepts

concise descriptions of organizing projects.

General assembly

  • regular meeting of anarchist organizers for the purpose of communication and collaboration.

Free skool

  • decentralized network for the exchange of skills, knowledge, and information.

Medic collective

  • collective providing first aid and CPR during mobilizations and emergencies as well as trainings.

Housing network

  • decentralized network for housing acquisition and the defence of squats and foreclosed homes.


  • aid to assist individuals in acquiring skills, knowledge, and information for the purpose of making it freely available.

Common fund

  • collectively managed fund for organizing-related expenses.

Community network

  • union of communities organized for solidarity and mutual aid.

Food distribution network

  • decentralized network for the free distribution of food to communities.

Black Flag Studio

  • game development and animation collective.

Praxis conference

  • annual conference for the evaluation and development of anarchist theory and practice.

Media network

  • decentralized network organized for the sharing of resources for autonomous media.

Art space

  • community center providing space, tools, and other resources for artistic endeavors.

Womyn’s center

  • community center existing as a safer space for womyn.

Queer center

  • community center existing as a safer space for queers.

Immigrant Solidarity Network

  • Network organized in strategic solidarity with local immigrant communities and individuals.


  • collectively-run and owned vegan café for funding.

Record label

  • collectively-run record label for funding

Childcare network

  • decentralized network for the support of organizing parents and guardians.

Street festival

  • recurring reclamation of the streets with black flags, dancing, chalk, soapboxing, street theater, puppets, other such things, and sheer mass.


  • recurring vegan barbecue for affinity and recreation.

Free store

  • collectively managed space for the storage and distribution of freely available goods.

Guerrilla gardening network

  • decentralized network organized for the subversion of ugliness with flowers and black flags.

Community kitchen

  • collectively-run space for the free distribution of prepared food.

Praxis autonomist research collective

  • Collective facilitating dialogue about the realities of Philadelphia and its communities, both directly as perceived by those who live in them and through intensive research and analysis.

Global Radical Repository

  • Research repository for established for the storage and distribution of radical research.

Babel Interpretation and Translation Network

  • Network of interpreters organized to provide interpretive services to communities and organizers.

Non-human animal care network

  • Network for the purpose of looking accounting for the well-being of non-human animals.

Emergency response system

  • system for the purpose of organizing autonomous response to a wide range of emergencies both large and small, including personal distress.

Civil Defence Network

  • network organized for training and defending communities.

Accountability System

  • system for attempting to address the concerns of survivors of assault and abuse in a meaningful way.