1in12 sound-tech skillshares: Sign-Up

Good = I commit to definitely coming on this date; OK = I will probably come on this date is chosen; Bad = I might be able to come but it's inconvenient; No = I can't do that date * * * * * PLEASE TELL EVERYONE ELSE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED TO JOIN IN TOO! * * * * * *
  • 22nd Jan
     — markr
     — libjf and theinnercityhippy
     — jrf and protag
  • 19th Feb
     — jrf
     — markr, libjf, and theinnercityhippy
     — protag
  • 19th March
     — protag and markr
  • 16th April
     — jrf
     — protag

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I’m in denial about 2011 at present. Will return soon.


I’m also in denial about the possibility of 2011 existing. Way too much to do before then to give a definite answer to any of those dates one way or another. Watch this space…


Pending me starting my new job by this point, I’ll be free on saturdays, but I anticipate that i’ll be doing 1in12 Cafe stuff quite often (e.g. every other Saturday). However, not knowing quite what the content of this will be, I expect it will be pretty interesting and useful!


I’m still tracking down all the Fridays that I’ll be working late as that’s more relevant than actual busy-ness on the Saturday.



I’m warming up to this a bit now. One complexity is there’s a bit of a volunteer crisis at the 1in12 cafe but I’m hopeful I can slough that off. I’m starting to look pretty hard at 3rd* Saturday of each month.

There’s some young folks who want to get involved in the cafe – I’m wondering if we can widen the remit a bit and let them have a play with some sound & lighting gear to provide an added attraction (well, I’m thinking of the customers rather than the young cooks…) and score some community points.


*1st Jan does not count


OK, deadline passed, dates decided. I’ve changed it from “dates decider” to a sign-up sheet. Now can everyone please spread the word and get other people to sign up?

I’ve started a draft curriculum so people know what they’re signing up for.



I haven’t forgotten about this but I have been (and still am) a bit overwhelmed.

I’d like to stick it on the club event calendar and in the next few days I want to send an email out to t’members drawing their attention to it (and the handful of other notable events we have on the Event Horizon).

Objectives: By the end of the day you should

# be able to set up, run and put away a simple DJ system
# understand what are sources, mixers, amplifiers and speakers
# be familiar with common types of connectors and cables
# know how to look after the equipment and use it safely

I can only be at the club until shortly after 3.00 on 22nd (and there’s a gig starting at 5.00 anyhow so the gig room will be needed anyhow) so my proposal is to haul out some gear (as indicated above) and a flip chart. Then…

Maybe if those interested in facilitating the skill-share can assemble at 10.00 and we can plan the session, and then run it from 11.00 – 3.00?

Obviously anything required for the session which is not in the club now will need to be planned ahead, but otherwise it might make sense to nail the exact timeline and detailed content on the day?? Whaddya think?



Good idea to nail down the time. For some reason it was in my mind that we were finishing at 2pm (perhaps the gig in the evening?) anyhow, I need to leave at 2pm, but I don’t mind if others want to stick at it until 3.

PS. feel free to alter that curriculum, it was just supposed to be a starting point, based on my memory of what we’ve discussed before.



I’m still suffering with Ye Lurgie so I’d like to propose we shift this whole thing back a month. Hopefully I’ll be restored to my usual dynamic self in a couple of weeks and will be able to give some more thought to how to promote it a bit and make it sound interesting.



get well soon man



I’m moving this from “unconfirmed” to “not happening” for multiple reasons. None is a show-stopper on it’s own but taken together the tealeaves are painting a picture of an unattended event run by exhausted people.

I will be opening the cafe instead (plans are afoot, you will be entertained to learn, to spread the load of the cafe somewhat so this unexpected treat happens less often to the small circle of current toilers).

On the back burner.