Minutes 16/01/12

Technical issues

  • Video: Through conversation with startx, btm has been able to identify that the problem is that the version of ffmpeg we have installed on the server doesn’t have support for x264 encoding. He can’t sort that out himself.
  • Action: btm to email Jimdog to see if he has time to fix it
  • Disk space: Although we are OK at the moment it seems likely that we will run out of disk space again in the not too distant future. We decided that it might be a good idea to try to work out some kind of arrangement with the hosts to secure our server space. We also discussed the possibility of imposing a size limit on file uploads.
  • Action: btm to contact gdm about hosting
  • Tumblewire: Opprobrium has noted that the tumblewire hasn’t been updated for a long time. btm suggested this is because only promoted tumbles appear on the wire as default.

East Midlands feature

  • Opprobrium and btm have compiled a contact list of East Midlands radical groups. Starting by focussing on Leicester, we hope to sending interview questions by next week.
  • Action: Those interested will work on the questions on Crabgrass

Be the Media

  • The group did not decide to respond to the ideas for the future thread.


  • btm was interested in the group holding an internet security workshop. Also suggested that an introduction to Indymedia and other radical media might be useful. Opprobrium suggested that we might link this up with legal defence workshops planned by Nottingham Defence, with sharing of publicity, etc.
  • Action: Planning of workshops to be done on Crabgrass


  • NHS feature ready
  • Leicester EDL demo


  • btm requested that people hide articles on the indy.im feed when they hide them on the site


  • Opprobrium to take over checking email