Nottingham reacts to Thatcher's death

Author: Nottingham Indymedia + Tash
Tags: work cuts thatcher repression

Nottingham saw an expression of joy at the news of Margaret Thatcher’s death on Monday. People gathered after work in the Market Square to celebrate the passing of the architect of the crushing of the miners, the poll tax and Britain’s enslavement to neoliberal capitalism. Those present included veterans of the campaign that beat the poll tax and travellers who were repressed by Thatcher’s government as well as people from the younger generations enchained to her dreadful legacy. According to Tash who was there “A couple of bottles of beer were consumed, party poppers let off. Folks were exuberant and many smiles were evident!”

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The Nottingham celebration was one of about 40 parties that took place around the UK and even in far flung places such as Thailand, Norway and the USA. Hundreds of people gathered in Bristol, Brixton and Glasgow.

Some have suggested that the former Baroness’ career isn’t over yet, implying that her legendary lack of compassion is alive and well in the institutions that have followed her example.