Internet Night 12/22/11


Hootsuite, etc. – allow multiple users to submit Tweets. (Contact Kane)
Use Buffer (or some other such app) to manage the flow of Tweets throughout the day.
Buffer Site:
Buffer Add-on for Firefox:
Create a Wiki site on RiseUp for Tweet suggestions/submissions for non-Hootsuite folk:
Tweet Submissions

Wikipedia has the leverage in terms of search engine results. OFM should work to increase its presence on Wikipedia.
Should OFM have its own Wikipedia page? Other Occupies have gone this route.
OFM should be added to this page:
Should more content be added to this page? (larger crowd size, etc?):
(also, for the last page ^^ we could submit a picture to the gallery…)

Meetup is used by Occupy Together ( ) to coordinate actions. It is the recommended tool there and is commonly used by people in an area to find “things to do.” OFM should have a presence on this site.

OFM should work to post to the Craiglist Community area. The following areas would likely benefit from an OFM presence:

QR Codes:
QR Codes, featuring OFM’s website(or some other such resource) or text messages (Occupy Everywhere!), should be created and “sticker-ized” – (not that we would do such things, but such stickers * could * be placed in public areas (bus stops, bathrooms, etc.), where people might be idle to encourage people to scan the codes to determine what they mean or where they lead.)

Discuss at GA – should this means of communication be used vs. Google Docs?
Create Screencast “How to” videos for RiseUp to help people navigate the site.
Should the site be embedded within OFM’s .org site?

Group was made “Public” again.
Should we create Facebook ads? Other social marketing campaigns?

Google Hangouts
Used during Internet night – worked well.
Should it be embedded on OFM’s site?
Should it be used for Work Group meetings? (vs. Skype, etc., for virtual meetings)
How else might it be used?


Internet Night, Pt. 2
For the next meeting, we should likely have a list of Occupy-related sites so that we can post to these sites.
The following Wiki is just a list of resources, already begun: see Occupy Sites & Resources
That said, we should likely create a separate Wiki specifically for discussion/posting for the next internet night.

Should create an OFM video intro / logo
Should create an OFM “lower-thirds” bar
Software? After Effects?
Color schemes, etc.? could be used to create quick, informative presentations (which can then be recorded using screen capture and then accompanied with audio).
Interviews should be scheduled to create videos featuring Occupy folk.



Thank you for the comprehensive list of strategies and suggestions to enhance our online presence and communication channels. I’ll make sure to explore and discuss these options with the team. Your proactive approach is greatly appreciated 10-year residency permit


Thank you for sharing these ideas and strategies for enhancing Occupy’s online presence and engagement. It’s great to see a comprehensive approach, including various platforms and tools. The suggested actions, such as utilizing social media, Wikipedia, Meetup, Craigslist, QR codes, and creating instructional content for RiseUp, demonstrate a thoughtful and diverse outreach plan jrs tracking bc.

Implementing these initiatives could indeed contribute to the visibility and effectiveness of Occupy. If you need further assistance or have specific questions about executing any of these plans, feel free to ask.


Hey team! 🌐 Exploring ways to boost our online presence for OFM. Considering tools like Hootsuite for collaborative tweeting and Buffer for seamless tweet scheduling. Also, pondering Wikipedia contributions and Craigslist postings for wider outreach. Let’s brainstorm on QR codes for Garage Door Fix guerrilla marketing and decide on RiseUp vs. Google Docs for communication. Exciting possibilities with Facebook ads and Google Hangouts – thoughts? And don’t forget, we’re planning an awesome OFM video intro!


Great strategy overview! Utilizing platforms like Twitter, Wikipedia, Meetup, and Craigslist for outreach is smart. The idea of QR codes for public awareness is creative, and the Essential Tips for emphasis on Facebook ads and Google Hangouts integration shows a diverse approach. Consider incorporating LiveStream for real-time engagement and creating compelling videos with intros, logos, and informative content. Exciting plans ahead!


Great suggestions for expanding OFM’s online presence! The idea of using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer for Twitter management is smart, and creating a Wiki for tweet suggestions adds collaboration. Leveraging Wikipedia for improved search results is a solid plan, and exploring Meetup Smooth Operation and Craigslist for local engagement is a thoughtful approach. QR codes for public spaces and considering RiseUp for communication are innovative ideas. Using Facebook ads and Google Hangouts for outreach shows versatility, and planning an OFM video intro and interviews is a creative way to share the movement’s story. Excited to see these strategies unfold!


Fantastic plan! Leveraging Hootsuite, Buffer, and Wikipedia for increased visibility is a smart move. Utilizing platforms like Meetup and Craigslist for coordination and outreach is strategic. The idea of QR codes and “sticker-izing” them for public areas is Preventative creative. The comprehensive approach to RiseUp, Facebook, Google Hangouts, and video creation will undoubtedly enhance OFM’s digital presence. Exciting initiatives ahead!


Great suggestions for expanding OFM’s online presence! Using Buffer for tweet management and considering Wikipedia page creation are smart moves. Utilizing Meetup, Craigslist, and QR Garage Jerks codes for wider outreach are innovative ideas. Exploring the potential of RiseUp for communication and considering the integration of Google Hangouts on the website are excellent strategies. Excited about the prospect of engaging videos to showcase OFM. Keep up the proactive approach!


Thanks for the detailed suggestions! It seems like you’ve covered various platforms and strategies for enhancing OFM’s online presence. The proposed actions on Twitter, Wikipedia, Meetup, Craigslist, QR Codes, RiseUp, Facebook, Google Hangouts, LiveStream, and Internet Night Pt. 2 are comprehensive.aim carrom
Creating an OFM video intro and exploring software like After Effects for video production are great ideas for multimedia engagement. Integration of tools like Prezi for informative presentations and conducting interviews for video content adds depth. Your effort to enhance outreach across diverse platforms is commendable


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