peace or non-violence

are they one and the same or diametrically opposed?

at the first meeting, entitled ‘changing the world with the power of love’, i was under the impression that there was wide support, or very little dissent, for the idea that peace is different to non-violence and ideally we focus on the former.

for me a peace / non-violence group is pulling in 2 directions from the off.


of course we should be open to other ideas.

that said, it would be good to have a core group who were at least on the same page. i’ve come to several similar startup meetings. there’s normally a large group at the first meeting, followed by smaller meetings with different ppl and a core group or regulars. you could say there are regulars and irregulars. we can cater for both.

to be fair, and i havent commented thus far, no meeting has had a facilitator elected by consensus. which i thought was agreed at the pre-planning meeting and mentioned in the main meeting.
access to the email list has been exclusive and ppl added who didnt want to be. i’m open to correction, i’m fairly sure that everyone at the first meeting would have been happy for an unmoderated list or even an open email, including everyone’s address, so we can network and go from there.
the ‘demvillage’ list is unmoderated and seems to work.


thanks for the clarification.

i can work with most of what you say.

what’s this riseup approval system?


Dan, have you deleted your posts?


Yes, I did not realise the pages were ticked “public”.


fair enough, i thought as much.
not that you said anything too controversial ;)


i’d very much like to continue our email debate, even in private.


We can use the chat facility here, if you like.


so am i