private or open forum

discussion about having an open or closed forum

at the weds ‘changing the world with the power of love’ meet, 10 ppl decided to have a foum for discussion, as opposed the email list. the email list will be reserved for meeting/workshop/actions announcements.

it wasnt discussed whether the forum be open or closed.

at a meeting last night, i agreed to make a non-descript interim forum open to all for use until the next meeting.

i had already setup but it was felt that it was excluding ppl with different ideas.


how do you propose important decisions are made? especially as you can get a completely different group of ppl at each meeting?

is a forum really such an important decision? there’s thousands of forums and email lists. are they all competing or complimentary.

of course ppl who never attend a meeting or cant attend a particular meeting can have input online. however should any real decisions be made offline?

as far as i remember crabgrass was mentioned as a possible forum, which you now have, and are able to invite ppl because you have almost exclusive access to the email list. i will have to check the minutes.


as it is, i can see the power of this network for cross-fertilising. eg.the facilities to ‘share discussion’/‘notify’ other groups.
let ppl decide by what they use. i’m not bothered either way. i’m not doing this for myself. i just want something that’s easy to use, expandable & open.
i’m sure some will want a closed forum and some will want an open one. i’m sure our minds can accomodate both.


where/when was it agreed to have a private/closed ‘non-violence’ forum?


this forum has 12 members including the founder. 2 have posted including the founder and me. at present it seems only a few ppl want to have input into this group.
how many was on the email list, assuming all were invited to join?
it seems we’ve lost some of the energy of the first meeting.


I’m not going to post on any public pages. Love, Dan


fair enough. however, if others said they wont post on private pages, where would we be then?

i can empathise with discussing certain actions in private. however i cant see why this debate would need privacy.