Boring but it needs doing.
  • 1
    Bike Kitchen   top pick
  • 2
    Bike Church
  • 3
  • 4
    The Hub
  • 5
    The Bike Pit
  • 6
    The Wheel
  • 7
    Missing Link
  • 7
    Leeds Bike Coop
  • 8
    Bike Collective
  • 9
    Bike Foundry
  • 9
    The Bike Shed
  • 10
    The Grease Pit
  • 11
    bike space
  • 12
    lock, stock & cycles
  • 12
    bike projekt
  • 13
  • 14
  • 14
    velo dome

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I have strong reservations about ‘Bike Kitchen’ and ‘Bike Church’, which I would be willing to swallow if I didn’t get the impression that others also felt such objections.

My objections stem from the fact that we’re neither providing food, nor are we in (or associated with) a church or religious building, nor do I feel that our mission is especially to evangelise about cycling.


Bill and I had a discussion about this the other day, and although we didn’t settle on a single name we particularly liked, we feel that the best option would probably be:

a three-word name, with a suitably snappy acronym (ahem, initialism), of which two of the words are ‘leeds’ and ‘bike’.
- possibilities for the third word (in whatever arrangement) might be: project, thing, coop, collective, shed, space, place-where-you-learn-to-fix-things.