Voice Engineer Job Description

Engineers manage and supervise telecommunications infrastructure and its related software, such as call management systems, VoIP, video conferencing, voice mail, and other telephony and network applications. They oversee the performance of voice systems and conduct traffic analysis and capacity planning so that the quality of service functions properly.

The primary responsibility of the Cisco Certified Associate is installing OS wireless client configuration tools with Cisco Aironet. The expert should be able to monitor wireless enterprise networks by utilizing the Wireless Control System (WCS). They must understand and set up security features within the wireless network. The certified expert will resolve problems and maintain wireless networks.
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Engineers provide support for switches, voice gateways, and firewall infrastructure. They need to support users and troubleshoot all their VoIP issues within an entire organization/company. To ensure this, they need to detect and address issues with trunks, profiles, endpoints, and dial plans. For this, Voice Engineers must have received the latest, practical technical experience supporting VoIP and unified communications services.


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