Ok, now here goes. A view things first that go for all these:

You might want to check out the actual frames below first, otherwise all this probably doesn’t make too much sense.

Oh, and the bold words in text are supposed to be links, could figure out how to underline or change the font colour. The Typewriter text is explanation that’s not supposed to be on the site, but for better understanding now.

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One publish form with different faces: Publish News

Article Images Video Audio File Upload

maybe someone who knows more about audio should say what kinda fields they would want?

yeah, dunno really, I guess this would be used for random stuff, so it’s hard to say
no specific changes, except the tab structure of main text body and media uploads.
Added a blurb about the re-ordering (cool feature that’s impossible to find) and added a description box. This comes from thinking that it might allow people to create kinda photo essays. Lots of people have been asking about the possibility of including pics at certain points in the text. Apparently we can’t do that, but we can have some slightly longer text in between pictures. I’d be using that feature for sure.

Added a few fields that might be useful. The idea of asking people to tell us what aspect ratio the video is comes from out problems with ‘fake’ 16:9 (the ones with the wrong pixel aspect ratio) being displayed all squeezed up as 4:3. Question is if it’s technically possible to encode the video in what’s ticked?

someone write here what fields they want

any cool ideas?

and the other publish forms:

Links/Other Media Events

major change is having a source field for giving the source and a link field fur the url. ideally this could be displayed in the title as “source: title” (e.g. “Guardian: Chickpea is an Anarchist!”). Also included groups ticking.
There’s mostly a bit of rearranging here, and more foldup stuff. Like for the repeat event thing, I thought it could fold out the way the maps do or the moderation box. Saves space and makes the thing easier to look at and less crowded. Only two upload files, can’t really see what other files people would want, but of course this could be the same as the news publish form.