This is a proposal from Northern Indymedia to define the process whereby proposals for the “UK Indymedia Network” are to be made.

  1. An IMC submits a proposal to the “UK process” list.
  2. Any formal communication (proposals, blocks) from an IMC should come about due to a public advertised meeting with minuets.
  3. Within 8 weeks, any IMC may then
    a) support
    b) amend
    c) block
    the proposal.
  4. Amendments from IMCs who have discussed the proposal are posted on the “UK process” list and should be discussed between the amending IMC and the proposing IMC to see if they can be synthesized. This discussion does not need to take place on the process list.
  5. If consensus can be reached the the amended proposal is submitted to the process list. The proposal would then not need to go through this proposal again if the amendment is not substantial. An IMC can ask for a deadline extension on synthesized amended proposals.
  6. If an IMC blocks then a full reason must be given and discussion should take place between the blocking and proposing IMCs.
  7. Blocks and un-agreed amendments must then be raised at the network meeting and a resolution attempted.
  8. Full consensus is required. After three network meetings at which the same proposal, in spirit, has been submitted then the process moves to “consensus minus one”.
  9. If the number of active collectives rises above ten then consensus minus one is used.
  10. For minor issues the proposing IMC can ask IMC liaisons if they need the full 8 weeks or could the proposal be implemented in 2 weeks without the decision waiting for each IMC to have a meeting. This would require no objections.