10 Lithium Stocks to Buy Despite the Market’s Irrationality
By Josh Enomoto, InvestorPlace Contributor Oct 10, 2019

The Best Lithium Stocks: Industry Coverage From Mining To Batteries
Updated on November 12th, 2019 by Bob Ciura

Tesla Motors And Bolivia’s Lithium Strategy: What’s At Stake?
Juan Carlos Zuleta – Jan. 28, 2014

Bolivia’s lithium boom: dream or nightmare?
Bolivia stores around 70% of the world’s lithium reserves, but the environmental impacts of extracting it represent a risk of massive contamination. Español. Português.
Rafael Sagárnaga López -21 December 2015

Lithium Battery Dreams Get a Rude Awakening in South America
October 12, 2019 By News Team

Canadian Lithium Juniors Could Rally Following Tesla’s Interest in Argentina
Vasudha Sharma | May 31, 2017

Bolivian coup happens right after Morales stopped Lithium deal
US-backed coup on Sunday resulted in Morales’ resign and nationalisation of Lithium in the country. After the coup, stock prices of some multi-national firms including Tesla saw a boost.
13 November 2019 18:30

Bolivia’s Massive Reserves Of Lithium Are About To Become Available To Western Companies
By Shaun Williams – Nov 13

The (Definitely not CIA-Backed) Bolivian Coup Is Probably Bad News for Our Climate Emergency
By Jacob Weindling | November 12, 2019

Bolivian Coup Comes Less Than a Week After Morales Stopped Multinational Firm’s Lithium Deal
“Bolivia’s lithium belongs to the Bolivian people. Not to multinational corporate cabals.”
Eoin Higgins, sMonday, November 11, 2019

So Germany Is Interested In Bolivia’s Lithium - Is It The Best Option For The Country?
Apr. 24, 2018 – Juan Carlos Zuleta

Lithium and development imaginaries in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia
Javiera Barandiarán
Global Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2129 SSMS, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, United States

Lithium Stocks Look Poised to Charge Higher
Lithium prices have slumped as much as 16% in 2019

Lithium supply in Bolivia
Bolivia Lithium Production

South American Lithium: A fuel for Indian future vehicles is the most wanted commodity globally
A high-level delegation of Khanij Bidesh India Ltd., (KABIL) set up by the government has made several trips looking for acquiring strategic mineral assets in “Lithium Triangle” in three countries in South America including Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.
By: November 15, 2019

Firm reveals plans for Africa’s first lithium-ion gigafactory to supply the energy storage and EV markets
Fri, 11/15/2019 – 12:56 — Paul Crompton

Tesla Technologies and the Strategic Role of Lithium. Bolivia and Afghanistan have very Large Deposits

MN says: “No to U.S. coup in Bolivia”
By Meredith Aby-Keirstead | November 15, 2019

The open veins of Bolivia’s lithium powering the world
By Bostjan Videmsek – June 8, 2017

Putting Bolivians Before Lithium Mining Firms Might Have Cost Morales Presidency
© Luca Galuzzi – 14.11.201

Top Lithium-mining Companies
Priscila Barrera – May 7th, 2019

US Hand In Bolivia Coup by Finian Cunningham + After Morales Ousted in Coup, the Lithium Question Looms Large by Vijay Prashad + Interview with Evo Morales
November 14, 2019 by dandelionsalad

Presidential Press Secretary Peskov: Bolivia Was An Orchestrated Coup to Overthrow Morales!
3930 Views November 12, 2019

Protests in Chile, Bolivia threaten India’s search for assets in ’Lithium Triangle’
11th November 2019 – By: Ajoy K Das

What’s at stake after Chile cancels its hosting of COP25?
November 5, 2019

Chile protesters block access to lithium operations: local leader
October 25, 2019 / 2:56 PM / 21 days ago

Finally Got Him: The Bolivian Coup
by Ted Snider Posted on November 15, 2019
The U.S. says it wasn’t a coup.

Dream or nightmare: Why India should postpone its electric vehicle plans for ten years
EVs are the future. But the future will happen only when an inexpensive next-gen battery is in the market.
TOI Contributor|
Updated: Jun 13, 2019,

Dream or nightmare: Why India should postpone its electric vehicle plans for ten years
13 junio 2019

Bolivia, with huge untapped reserves, gears up for soaring lithium demand
But while it sits at the apex of South America’s “lithium triangle,” along with Chile and Argentina, Bolivia has not had the capacity to produce the metal on a commercial scale.

Tesla’s bet on winning the global lithium race
Published Wed, Mar 19 201412:52 PM EDTUpdated Tue, Dec 1 20152:37 PM EST
Clay Dillow, Special to

Bolivia walks away from lithium project with German company
Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The search for new geologic sources of lithium could power a clean future
There’s a lot to learn about where and how to mine the lightest metal on the periodic table
By Carolyn Gramling – May 7, 2019

In the new lithium `great game`, Germany edges out China in Bolivia
Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Germany and Switzerland to help build coast-to-coast railway in South America
Bolivian President Evo Morales visited Switzerland to sign an agreement to construct a railway line across the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Supporters say the project will boost trade and create jobs.
Date 17.12.2017 – Author Victoria Dannemann

Bolivia’s Dilemma: Development Confronts the Legacy of Extraction
Linda Farthing – September 1, 2009