One possible way of doing laptop radio

This could be beamed onto a projection screen for all participants to see, whilst doing a live show. Just a possibility. I can explain what all the bits do if anyone's interested.
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Please do explain. What program is that? Is it just your stream or is it an input too? looks cool in any case


It’s a setup for mixing pre-recorded material with a live input, and streaming it using darkice.

Software in use (clockwise from top left)-

  • mixxx DJ console, for playback and cueing up of pre-recorded material
  • calf compressor, to deal with dynamic range of live audio inputs
  • gkrellm system monitor, to visualise network activity and CPU load
  • qjackctl jack audio connection routing
  • meterbridge showing output volume (should really be a PPM meter)
  • calf jack host (routes compression)
  • terminal running darkice

NB. maximum respect to Jimdog for getting icecast running on our server, without which none of this would be any use


Looks great

I suspect our lo-fi projector will render much of the text as a green blur though…

Need someone to buy us an HD jobbie…


Good point. I could just project the PPM meters, compressor and playlist on the screen, and leave the rest just on the laptop display maybe? So everyone can see what’s coming up, and whether they’re too loud or too quiet.


i would definately be up for learning how to use this software!