User Feedback: Is The Grass Greener?

hey you kidz.... water the grass, or get off the lawn.
Hello activist, organizer, seeker of social justice, and user of crabgrass. Yup, crabgrass is the software that powers, and crabgrass is also an open source collaborative development project. The crabgrass project team is interested in how you are using and is asking for your insights. We hope you'll take a little time to complete this survey. Please visit our new project website at for information about other ways to support and influence the direction of this project (like get involved!). And as always, we'll see you in the streets!

Questions (13)

  • When did you start using crabgrass (
  • As a new user i found crabgrass (
  • How did you become a user of crabgrass (
  • Describe how you learned about crabgrass and why you first started using it.
  • How often do you use crabgrass (
  • Are you a member of a group or a network?
  • How many active groups are you in?
  • What page types do you reqularly use?
  • Please provide some examples of how crabgrass has been useful to you.
  • Please provide some insights into what crabgrass does well.
  • Please provide some insights into what crabgrass should do better.
  • Please provide some insights into the direction or expanded functionality that you'd like to see in crabgrass. Please explain how you would use this new functionality.
  • Extra Credit! Is there anything else you'd care to tell us? Is there something else the project team should know? We're listening....

Responses (65)

  • from: mcnair, dorey, juice, rich, Dana Williams, maquis, liaphin, iggy19, sunbird, elijah, chernysh, baton, Rafael Maria, queerfirebird, Xavier Gillet, mark B., harc, katie!, milk, niklas, Julien - Enercoop, renard, renard, Kruk, kclair, sisi, petter, jessi, azul, kwadronaut, maff, mitch, Gez, dpdt1, lagren, aileen, mara, Morg, scarlbinoche, peterpunk, David-ArtQ, marlon, Bidi, ndeah, abie, yangobone, drburtonsfriend, lucker, Karen Eliot, Karen Eliot, Karen Eliot, littleblacknemo, Jesús Franco, osamayacoub, osamayacoub, lbarks, Roland, davidphfx, will, elloco, Hodj, digitalesIch, Lucid Strike, brush, dadalinda

i had some issues to understand how to contribute here. After you mentioned on this page here that people need to sign up to the group, to then find the button to the actual survey, you can delete my post :)
also it might be unhandy to have to sign up, but i guess there is no ohter solution. not that i wouldn’t want to be part of this group, but i know a lot of people who won’t because they are actually already in many groups and have troubles to overview them on their users frontpage.
greetings,liaphin :)


when i try to look at page 2 of the complete response list i am told “permission denied. Sorry. You do not have the ability to perform that action.” :-(


marquis: this should be fixed in a couple of days. sorry for the delay.


The navigation on this website is a nightmare! Before you can submit feedback, you must join the group here:


hi, i still can’t see all the answers because when I click on the page “2” link I am told that I’m not permitted to see it …


Hmmm, seeig osamayacoub has ‘answered’ two times the survey but didn’t anwered really any question… weird.

There is a way to download the answers of a survey in any format? Spreadsheet? XML tree?

Wondering if CG have XML-RPC interface or something like that could help to synchronize CG installations in an easy fashion like Dokuwiki or something like that.

Jah bless to all


Hey i don´t know where to write that :D
We just start using for a big network. so I´m still not able to answer all your questions above!
But, i wanted to ask if it would be possible to make two more Options for pages (Seiten):
1) pads
2) kalenders

Right now we use the wiki option as a pad, but it´s not possible to work on that all together, so one can work, and the other people have to wait :D
and we use the wiki option also as a kalender :D
would be nice if that could be possible.