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This is a group for learning Ruby on Rails. See the learn ruby group for help with the ruby language.


  1. Basic CRUDy MVC
  2. Basic RESTful MVC
  3. Tagging


  1. ActiveRecord::Associations API
  2. has_many

Migrations and Databases

  1. Database configuration
  2. ActiveRecord::Migration API
  3. Using migrations
  4. Creating a new table
  5. Modifying an existing table
  6. Manipulating data


  1. Creating a layout
  2. Adding a stylesheet


  1. Using fixtures

Deployment and Development

  1. installing rails for ubuntu.
  2. Subversion For Rails
  3. Apache mod_rails
  4. Apache mongrel rails
  5. Rails logging
  6. Running a sphinx server


  1. Local gems

Special Topics

  1. Making rails multilingual

Sites with free material for learning rails

Code examples

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