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What are we ?

Right things at wrong times go unused. Right things at right time goes marvelous and takes off flamboyantly.

A bunch of us with common interest and frustration, somehow contacted, communicated together to form a community that wants to practice Wireless Mesh Networking.

What do we need & Why ?

Whatever we want to do individually, at one point… we had to cross the personal sphere and meet the social fabric. That is where network infrastructure comes into picture. Such structure has to be evolved publicly and transparently with democratic participation and collaboration.

Even though broadcast communications are heavily influenced by establishments, we do not want neutral Internet to be like that. So Change has to come from ourselves than expecting it from others. We are not interested in fighting, but to bring change whenever Sharing and the Medium of Sharing is impeded by establishments.

Networking is where individual interests converge together based on common set of ideas, principles, thought process. This is where common ideas denominate to evolve as protocols and rules, which everybody agrees to. It is equivalent to a living constitution of a working democracy. It becomes a system, where everybody has equal power, opportunity, responsibility to raise their voice, express themselves in the form they need, and act. Everybody can participate by raising their hands, deliberate and collaborate to develop applications that solve common issues and problems.

If centralized Internet can already solve N number of problems in hand, then with increased end to end connectivity between people agreed upon common peer reviewed reasoning based protocols, a new paradigm change in forming, and implementing solutions of common problems would become possible. That is where Wireless Mesh Networking plays a significant & a responsible role.

To know about what we share in common please read this paper. One can get a broad and deep view and even a proper trace back history about community radio mesh networking and our thought on distributed, collaborative peer production, grassroots, inverse infrastructure principles.

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