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‘We’ are just beginning, so this is only a start-up with high pretensions. The start-up is in trying out this nice riseup software and just starting with connecting several groups in a structured way.

The name is quite broad, but as most are activists here, of-course most will have to do with activism in Latin America. The idea is more a network than a group. My intention as founder was especially motivated by the almost complete lack of Independent Media Centers in the countries of Central America and Caribbean. For that purpose I founded some underlying groups too:

  • Media Independiente – Centro América y Caribe –
  • Media Independiente – Costa Rica –
  • Media Independiente – HaiTi – (temporary links to another exterior site about Haiti)
  • Drupal Media Independiente –

(re-organizing: mica and drumi stay here, mica has been transformed into network too, but in future micr and miht will be only at network mica, not at Latina)

No other goal than to get this organized and connect to especially those with similar ideas (not only for IMC’s, but all activism for Latin America). I will be happy to invite people with (preferably) proven skills and motivation into the “council” (administrators) of subsequent networks or groups.

Please stay connected; as its beginning, there is not that much here. For sure I will give this more form in the coming time. But what you miss here, primarily it’s you that can start something and give form. Progress often is made by horizontalism combined with individualism and specialism of people, so go ahead and take initiative.

(in time this introduction will change completely) … trasdución a Español, posiblemente ‘mañana’..?


There is another quite active group:
In time it will become more clear in what both Latino América groups differ, maybe AMC-Latina is to be more specific and Latina the broader space?

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