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With current technology we can make possible for every single human being to participate in decision making process of how we organize life on our planet. Instead of how in present, so called democratic systems, choosing who will make decisions in your name. You directly can participate in making decisions which affect you.


  • organize spaces for all people interested in participation to meet and discuss their common issues
  • create an open source, web based software to support organizing forum sessions
  • start meeting and discussing first organizational issues of the “Planetary Forum” itself
  • start meeting and introducing sessions and presentations related to various issues of our common interest

forum space recommendations

  • video and audio recording equipment
  • internet access
  • life broadcasts of working sessions
  • equipment for presentations
    • computer
    • projector

technology and methodology

  • 100% Budget-Free
  • maximising use and support open source technologies
    • 100% open source software from the begining
    • in case of lack existing open source technology we need, we will initiate process of developing it
  • identity based on OpenProfile and its decentralized web of trust
  • Open Space inspired meetings organization

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